93 meetings in one day

So….I have a confession to make. I forgot March 31st existed. Just like April Ludgate in Parks and Rec….who scheduled all of Ron Swanson’s meetings for March 31st because she didn’t think it existed.

Much like April….I feel a little embarrassed. But, hey, I’m human, and Spring Break Brain is a thing. So I’m letting it go.

The appropriately named April gave me inspiration in more ways than one. I suppose I’ll use this last post as a way of looking back at what I’ve learned and looking towards the future (at April and beyond…get it?)

This challenge, as I’ve seen in several other places, has pushed my abilities as a writer, as a person, and as a teacher. I’ve learned how to stretch small moments, take on new perspectives, and look back on memories with a specific audience in mind. I’ve learned the true importance of using mentor texts as a guide for my own writing.

I’ve also learned to be aware of the others in my atmosphere. Reading some of the things you all chose for your slices opened my eyes- what are the people around me taking away from each and every moment? What is the source of inspiration for others in this room? This challenge inspired me to look for the beauty in each and every moment- or at least take the perspective of someone else and analyze how they might find beauty.

Looking forward, this will absolutely make me a better writing teacher- and it’s already made me a better person. I will now be able to confidently walk my students through the process of selecting a small slice of their day to write about. Now that I believe in the power of the “tiny topics notepad” I’ll definitely utilize it more. Further, I understand the power of writing something every day- something that is my choice. Not an assignment. A free-write. Whatever I wanted, whatever I was feeling. It was my choice what I put out into this community, and because of that, my authentic writing got feedback. I need to give my students to create and share authentic pieces of themselves in the classroom- not just the assignments we put in front of them. There are so many different personalities in each and every room that could benefit from having a creative outlet.

I was so nervous to begin this challenge . I am a first year teacher with no real background on anything in particular. I didn’t feel like I had a lot to offer in any real sense- that I would be writing about fluff and nothing more. I feel like I proved myself wrong this month. I got “real” with you, shared pain and memories with you, and admitted my shortcomings. I am so grateful for this challenge. Who knew writing every day for a month would have such a profound impact?

Thanks for providing this space for growth. I’ve appreciated each and every one of you along this journey. So, for real this time….That’ll do, pig. Thank you, thank you, thank you.





First year, second grade teacher!

6 thoughts on “93 meetings in one day

  1. Ha! The best part of teaching the younger grades is that none of them would have noticed this type of mistake. The older ones… EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!

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