some kind of wonderful

Today was a blur. I woke up to a text from my grade level partner telling me she’s out sick for the day, and where to find the materials for her sub. Immediately I was in go- mode. Got done with my routine a little early so I could get everything ready before her sub walked through the door. Once I had taught him how to use the projector, where to find the library cards, how to operate the attendance system…I was able to make it into my room right before the bell. Luckily, I have my specials right away, so I spent that time getting ready for the day. JUST KIDDING! I spent it inventorying and switching out my old science unit with my new one. I got a quick bathroom break before it was time to pick up the kids.

The rest of the day went (mostly) as planned. Those kids were….well…those kids, and the rest of us operated on our normal frequencies. We got through most of what was on the agenda, with a few blips in between (as is bound to happen). I spent my lunch in a meeting with the social worker, my recess on the phone with the potential field trip destination….all while dealing with an unmedicated migraine because my prescription ran out and can’t be refilled until my next appointment (on the 12th). Needless to say, my day was CRAZY! It happens. It’s life.

On my way out to car duty (yep, an extra 20 minutes of fresh air at the end of the day), I nearly bowled over my student from last year who was featured in many of my slices. My sweet baby angel who needed lots of attention and love to make it through the year. I profusely apologized, knowing his propensity to overreact- but was surprised when I was met with (my favorite) giggle and a smile. He said “Don’t worry Ms. Meier, I could NEVER be mad at my FAVORITE TEACHER,” then snuggled in for a hug before racing out the doors to beat his brother to the car. I felt warm from my head to my toes as I basked in the joy and love from my little buddy. Even on days like today, being a teacher is some kind of wonderful.


3rd year, 2nd grade teacher!

11 thoughts on “some kind of wonderful

  1. It’s funny how sometimes your most difficult students are the ones who come back to seek you out for hugs and give you compliments. It’s so rewarding and sounds like just what you needed on such a crazy day. (You wonder why they couldn’t have been like that when you were teaching them, ha, ha.)

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  2. I woke up this morning in a mood- not good, not bad, just a mood. And that was exactly how my day went- it was a day. Not good, not bad, but a day. Long (still doing the day) and somewhat irritating. But my kids still love me and I call that a win!

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  3. Great post! You just summed up about 70% of our school days. Kids can make life so unpredictable (and sometimes, teacher partners can too:). But at the end of the day, it is all worth it. Especially, when you get a compliment from a former student. Enjoy an evening of rest!


  4. It’s students like those that make our days. Yes, there are days we are ready to pull our hair out with them. But, then it’s like a switch and something changes and they begin being more patient, more understanding, and even better stopping by our rooms at the end of the day to say hi and tell you they miss you or giving you hugs when they see you. Both of those you never thought you would ever hear or witness from them, but those hugs are just a little sweeter.

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