spring cleaning

I am particular. I love to clean. It’s my way of getting rid of stress (and avoiding work I don’t want to do). In my childhood home, this wasn’t an issue. My mother shares the same passion for cleaning- and we spent every Saturday morning in spring scrubbing. Usually with classic rock blaring and the windows thrown open. In college years and beyond, I found myself seeming…..odd to others. My love for clean floors and freshly laundered clothes was out of place in the dorm environment and continues to be in my current living situation with roommates. They are both clean enough, but my standard for “clean” is admittedly psychotic. I clean my bathroom 3x a week minimum, and laundry is never in my hamper longer than 3-5 business days. I despise clutter, and dust makes me sneeze. I like clean carpets and scrubbed floors. Above everything else: clean sinks are a must. There’s nothing that grosses me out more than a messy sink.

In my current house, we each have our own room and bathroom. Because of the dog, we usually keep doors closed all the time- which keeps clutter from being seen by me. I would never cross personal boundaries and clean another’s room, but if I see the mess, I’ll get stressed. It’s better to have closed doors. However, when the mess starts to leak into common spaces, I take it upon myself to don the cleaning gloves and get to work. This week, I’m on spring break and my roommates aren’t. I’ve been gone most days of break so far, so today has been dubbed “cleaning day”. I’ve gotten through 5 loads of laundry (not mine), cleaned the sink, did a load of dishes, washed the floors, vacuumed the basement and the main room, cleaned all the windows, and re-color coded my closet. I am happy, I am de-stressed, and…..well…no. I’m not ready to start thinking about school yet. I think I’ll stay suspended in my clean-house bliss and sit down with a good book.



First year, second grade teacher!

3 thoughts on “spring cleaning

  1. My husband does not understand my need for cleanliness and how it soothes me. I like to tell him (when he tells me that I love to clean) that it is not the act of cleaning that I like, but living in a clean home. Everything has its place. I am typing at my kitchen table right now enjoying the peace and cleanliness of my freshly cleaned home (that I paid someone else to clean, but have learned to enjoy the fruits of their labor)!


  2. It sounds like a great day! I HATE having laundry overflowing out of the hamper, but I have four children that play sports and are always outside. I can never get it all done (two Saturdays ago it was an empty hamper – I don’t remember the time before), so my new goal is to keep it in the hamper (versus overflowing). I wish my kids “loved” to clean.:) Thanks for sharing!


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