Smush & Smushier

My roommate (Carly) has a precious chow named Smudge. Affectionately nicknamed Smush by a beloved friend of the house. The nickname stuck, and now he’s rarely called anything except Smush around the house.

Carly’s best friend from childhood, Alex, just had a beautiful baby girl named Cleo a couple weeks back. Cleo came out at 9.2 pounds and has a full head of dark hair. Today, Cleo and Smush (the babies of the best friends) got to meet for the first time.

It was my first time meeting Cleo, too. A cooing, sweet bundle of pure love and joy. I fell in love with her sweet face the second I saw it, and I can’t even imagine how that feeling must’ve been multiplied for Carly- who has loved Cleo’s mom since she was about that age too. But the second Smush laid eyes on Cleo, he was a mushy puppy in love. His ears went flat and his tail went nuts and he made the sweetest puppy sounds I’ve ever heard. He immediately laid down next to Alex and put on his protector’s face. He adopted her into his little pack immediately. I managed to capture a sweet moment just before Cleo left- he was anxiously checking on her to make sure she was ok when he heard some noises from inside the seat (she dropped her paci on her lap). Once he knew she was ok, he happily laid down next to the chair she was resting on. My heart has exploded today. That’s the most important slice to me. The sweet baby meeting the sweet puppy and reminding me of the beautiful and good in this world.



First year, second grade teacher!

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