It’s the last day of the challenge. Wow. 31 days of writing.

Speaking personally, I know some of my posts were rushed or haphazard or short because I wasn’t feeling it, or I forgot, or I had a million things to do that I couldn’t stop thinking about. Other days, I got personal. That’s life. It’s easy to forget on this month-long journey that we are connecting, every day, with a bunch of new people. Each leading their own lives outside of these pieces of writing.

I am reminded again what a wonderful community this is. An important one. As teachers – it is so easy to feel isolated in our despair this time of year. Nobody knows OUR kids. Nobody knows what THEY’RE going through. Nobody is in my classroom every day. It seems like sometimes the kids lose their brains and hide them in their backpacks and run around crazy all month long. February gets flack for being the hardest month- but I’d like to make a case for March as well. It is a month where so many of us are feeling defeated and exhausted and in need of community and encouragement- that’s exactly what I find here. Every single day this month I have smiled, or laughed, or been touched in some way reading something from a writer in this challenge. I have been reminded that I am NOT alone, my feelings ARE valid, and this challenge is filled with some wonderful, reflective, artistic human beings who I have been privileged to learn from these past 31 days. I am left feeling humbled, amazed, encouraged, uplifted, and motivated to finish the last 2 months (!!!!!!) of this school year strong.

Thank you for sharing your souls, thank you for sharing slices of your days, thank you for taking the time to interact with my writing in any way (even if today is your first time!). The world is better, brighter, and more well-read because of your contributions. THANK YOU.

Until next time!



3rd year, 2nd grade teacher!

4 thoughts on “fin

  1. I love how this challenge gets me through a long month each year. I think you’re right: March is also very tough. Having this supportive community and a focus on growing as a writer and learning through this challenge is so helpful.


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