Gaming in the time of Social Distancing

I finally understand the appeal of videogames.

I never really got it. I was very much into the playing with my brothers (as I mentioned in an earlier slice from this year), but beyond that, I never really played a whole lot.

When a new game was released in my favorite franchise (Zelda fans, anyone?) in 2017, I started playing regularly. It was fun, it passed time, but I quickly grew antsy and wanted to do other things. I couldn’t sit for hours at a time and play a single player game. Just not me!

This past Friday, a new Animal Crossing game was released for the Nintendo Switch. I have had this game preordered since the announcement- Animal Crossing is adorable, wholesome, and so much fun! Friday came, and I started to play. This game has an online feature, where you can “invite” other players to come visit your town and interact with you. My best friend and a group of others (my brother, his friends, a few of my cousins and old work friends) all have the game- and we’ve spent the last few days hanging out virtually on our islands together. Social distancing, but also connecting.

I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time on this game over the last few days- but it hasn’t been alone! I’ve been chatting with people, sharing resources, tips, and exploring this new virtual landscape with some buddies. It’s made me laugh and focus on something other than the stress happening in the world. I haven’t been obsessively on my phone looking at the news since this game came out. It has given me a nice reprieve from the onslaught of bad out there.

If you have a switch and want to play, my friend code is : SW-2864-3919-4191. My fruit is cherries 🙂 Let’s connect!


3rd year, 2nd grade teacher!

5 thoughts on “Gaming in the time of Social Distancing

  1. I’m not a video game player, but this sounds kind of fun. Just the whole connecting with people thing. Trying to figure out how I can connect with my mom (she’s 86 and confined to her apartment in a senior living center) to play scrabble. I think she would love it.


  2. I am amazed at how social the video games my students play actually are. And I think using virtual “reality” to hang out with friends is so clever and cool. Have you seen the movie (or read the book), Ready Player One. We are all a bit closer to its reality than we were a week ago!

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  3. This is great! The powerful of video games. There is no college basketball, but my ten-year-old daughter (huge basketball fan) and I have resorted to playing NBA 2K20. We play all of the time. I sometimes wonder if it is normal.:) I will write that it helps pass the time. Enjoy your gaming!


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