Face Time

I think all of us are learning to be more appreciative of our technological capabilities in this weird time of “e-learning”. 15-20 years ago, had this happened with as little notice as we had- we would’ve been SOL! There would’ve been no way to get parents information-except maybe a mass phone call or a segment on the evening news.

Last week, the first week of “distance learning” for us- I left my students / families pretty much alone. I was there to answer questions about the packets that were generously provided by our instructional coaches, there to be a shoulder to cry on when things got too much, there to provide reassurance…but I did not assign anything extra or mass email resources. There are too many parents either out of work or now working from home that just don’t have the emotional space to be teacher, parent, employee, homemaker, therapist and daily schedule organizer all at once. A million emails with “helpful” suggestions for “maximizing at home learning potential” would be waaaaay overwhelming in my opinion. So, I let them come to me.

Over the weekend, I sent out a google doc- the first “document” I’ve sent out during this week of “distance learning”. I had time slots opened for FaceTime with the teacher. Within 24 hours, I had 10 kids sign up the first day, and about 4-5 the second. 🙂 Today was the first day of video calls. I have had SUCH a blast seeing their faces. They were smiling, laughing, walking me around their houses, showing me their pets, and of course- keeping me up to date on the books they’re reading.

It was awesome to see my little people again. I can’t wait for more of it this week. We could all benefit from a little more face time, don’t you think?

Stay safe, stay well, wash your hands (even in your own home). 🙂


3rd year, 2nd grade teacher!

4 thoughts on “Face Time

  1. I love that you FaceTimed some of your students! Great idea! I miss having the connections to my students. I have received some emails with pictures of them learning something new, work they did, or reading in a fort they created which has been so nice. FaceTiming would be fun!


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